Girl1, our newest initiative at Kailash Home

While women and girls make up over half the global population, their circumstances in places around the world are often still far from equal to that of their male counterparts.  In Nepal, women and girls are overwhelmingly less likely to be invested in both in terms of educational and governmental resources, and longstanding taboos and traditions, like chhaupadi, frequently leave them in disadvantageous or even outrightly … Continue reading Girl1, our newest initiative at Kailash Home

Meet the 2020 Team Kailash

Each year on the 29th of May, Nepal plays host to the world’s highest marathon as runners from around the world converge to participate and compete in the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon. Among the span of international entrants in this year’s race will be six of our own from Kailash Home! After a year’s hiatus, Kailash Home (with the support of MHF) will once again send … Continue reading Meet the 2020 Team Kailash

Happy New Year from MHF

Sending new year’s wishes to you and yours from everyone here at MHF. We’re excited to share that 2020 looks to be an exciting year as we continue to support incredible projects throughout the Himalayas. To make sure you never miss an update, use your email to subscribe to the blog and make sure you’re following along on all our social media channels. Continue reading Happy New Year from MHF

Inauguration Day at Kailash Home

After almost 5 years of planning, working, fundraising, and waiting, Inauguration Day for the brand new buildings at Kailash Home arrived bright and clear. Friends and supporters from around the world converged on Kailash and were greeted by staff, alumni, and the children. Before the official ceremony began, everyone mingled together under bright prayer flags and an elaborately adorned visitors’ tent. All around one could … Continue reading Inauguration Day at Kailash Home